FlexLink Design Tool is free of charge (at this moment). However, an approved user account and a valid license is required. The license is leased from FlexLink and is called a "lease". Before the main application is started the user is prompted to login with e-mail address and password. There is no need for the user to enter any license code.

If the login step is not successful, the main FlexLink Design Tool application does not start. Below the most common login problems are described with solutions and links to more detailed information.

Lease account missing

All new users need to apply for a user account and get approved. The complete process is described at https://software.support.flexlink.io/support/solutions/articles/35000144026-lease-management-for-users

Note: The Design Tool user account is not the same account as the My FlexLink account and the user credentials are not synchronized.

Login loop

A known bug in the lease system can sometimes cause login problems for new users or after a new lease has been assigned to an existing account. After the e-mail address and password has been entered in the login pop-up window, the main program starts to initialize but after a few seconds the login pop-up windows returns.

The solution can be found at https://software.support.flexlink.io/support/solutions/articles/35000154855-i-m-stuck-in-an-endless-login-loop-in-fldt

Lease expired

If a FlexLink Design Tool lease is not reactivated (FLDT started with Internet connection) for 4 months the lease is automatically removed from the account. When the user is trying to login an error message about lease expired (or check user credentials) is displayed.

More information about the solution at https://software.support.flexlink.io/support/solutions/articles/35000165477-how-to-solve-problem-with-expired-fldt-lease

Lease already activated on another computer

If the lease is moved between computers and the deactivation fails it will not be possible to start FLDT on another computer. The same problem can also occur if the hardware is updated, the computer is reinstalled, or the computer name is changed.

The solution can be found at https://software.support.flexlink.io/support/solutions/articles/35000164947-deactivate-lease-error

Network connection missing

FlexLink Design Tool requires that a set of Internet web servers can be accessed in order to fully function. It is possible to use the application offline without Internet connection for 30 days (after first login is done). After 30 days Internet connection is necessary at application startup to reactivate the lease. However, we recommend to always work online at startup to receive available updates. 

More information at https://software.support.flexlink.io/support/solutions/articles/35000144239-network-access

Wrong password

If the password is wrong it is possible to use the forgot password link in the login popup window.

Note: The Design Tool user account is not the same account as the My FlexLink account and the user credentials are not synchronized.