The tool introduces a completely new work method making it much easier to design a single conveyor or a complete line. Easy drag and drop functionality where each individual component has its own intelligence eliminates the risk of design errors. This reduces the time to design the line. In addition, the design tool informs about accessories and recommended safety parts. Please contact your FlexLink operating unit for more information on how to obtain the design tool.

Collect and send log files
As an addition to FlexLink Design Tool a small utility application is installed. This utility is available from Windows start menu and can be used to collec...
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This article shows how a layout can be exported into various other tools. The tool has been streamlined so it can be used with other FlexLink tools in a sim...
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Subsequent conveyor positioning
There are several methods to position a subsequent conveyor in FlexLink Design Tool. I.e. position an idler end unit at a specific distance from an end driv...
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Export spiral conveyor CAD model
CAD models of standard FlexLink spiral conveyors (product no 5995512) are not available from the FlexLink CAD service (provided by Cadenas). But, there'...
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Controls Workflow in FLDT
Working with Controls require the Controls tab in the ribbon to be selected. When modules and drive units are configured, distributed controllers can be ...
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