If a FlexLink Design Tool lease is not reactivated (FLDT started with Internet connection) for 4 months the lease is automatically removed from the account. When the user is trying to login an error message about lease expired (or check user credentials) is displayed. 

Note! It is still possible to login with the account at https://flexlink.visualcomponents.net/ to check the account settings, change password etc.

Get new lease

Internal FlexLink users

Contact your local FlexLink Design Tool lease administrator.

External users/customers
(of if you don’t know who your local lease admin is)

Contact Software Support by creating a ticket in the support portal at https://software.support.flexlink.io/support/home

Describe the problem and attach a screenshot of the error message. Don’t forget to provide the FLDT username (e-mail address) for the account. Also follow the instructions at https://software.support.flexlink.io/support/solutions/articles/35000144235-collect-and-send-log-files and attach the zip file to the support ticket.