Applies to FlexLink Design Tool.

The Design Tool requires that certain Internet web servers can be accessed in order to fully function. If it cannot access them, the tool will not start or fail to update important changes in eCat components or the Design Tool itself. Therefore it is a requirement that the below network addresses can be reached on the computer that is running the Design Tool when it is started the first time. After the initial initialization the Design Tool can be used offline for 30 days, but it is recommended to always be online to get updates.

To test if your computer has any problem with the server, click each link and verify that you see a proper web page displayed. If you cannot access them through a web browser then most likely it is a problem with the network. The root cause may be a firewall, antivirus software or other network protection system.

Note: There are known issues, especially eCatalog related, when BIT Defender software is installed on the computer. Make sure BIT Defender allow access to the server URLs below.

Network servers

Ports: 80 (HTTP) and 443 (HTTPS)

Note: We recommend to not use the IP addresses for firewall configuration as the server setup may be changed in the future. 

If there are problems retrieving a lease for the software, then the network responsible must make it possible to access these servers. If you still are having issues and the servers are accessible, please contact Software support. To help us investigate the problem, please follow the guide at Collect and send log files and send the log files to Software support.