Applies to FlexLink Design Tool


After the update to version 5.0.0/5.1.0 of FLDT we have noticed that the eCatalog (component library) is losing the content frequently. It is not possible to drag-and-drop components to the 3D-world and a popup with an error message is displayed instead. Sometimes grey and/or red icons are also visible in the eCatalog. 

When previously saved layout files are reopened it looks like the some of the content (parts) is missing because it not possible to load the components from the eCatalog.

To use Clean in the FLDT Utility will solve the problem temporary but the it will most probably occur again. Please download and follow the instructions in the PDF file below. The described solution is also a temporary work around but will keep the components in place until we have fixed and released a new version of FLDT.

We are aware of this severe issue and are working together with our SW platform supplier to solve the root cause. Unfortunately, there is no quick fix. Our plan is to release a new FLDT version after the summer vacation.