The FlexLink Design Tool eCatalog contains components from many different manufacturers. Components from FlexLink are designed to be used together with our customized features. However, all components can be added to the layout and used together with the built-in features in the Visual Components software platform.

Below is described a few methods to make sure the eCatalog is updated and properly loaded.

Display component folders

Components created by FlexLink can be found in these folders (collections):

Click on the Small arrows to expand the folder tree.

The component icons are displayed in right column.


Select sources

The eCatalog content and folder structure is controlled by the Sources table.

Click on the Plus icon at the top of the eCatalog.

Select Edit Sources in the drop-down menu.

The Sources table is displayed.

The available components can be controlled by the checkboxes to the left. Local copies, to increase the performance, can be saved by adjusting the Keep local copy column.

Note! Default is to only save the FlexLink components locally. If the Visual Components catalogs are downloaded it will consume a large amount of disk space. It will also take very long time as these catalogs are huge.

The Visible column controls which catalogs that are displayed as separate top nodes in the eCatalog.

Network access

To download the components and/or metadata it is important the computer has the necessary network access. The network requirements for FDLT can be found in this knowledge base article:

Even if these requirements are fulfilled problems can occur while downloading components from the online sources. This can cause missing components and/or metadata in the eCatalog. 

Common errors

The component is marked with a red icon.

The component and/or metadata is not properly downloaded.


The component icon is replaced by a grey cross icon.


Metadata not properly downloaded.


An error message pops up when a component is dragged-and-dropped from the eCatalog to the 3D-world.

Component is not properly downloaded to the eCatalog.

Except the above cases components can also be missing in the 3D-world when a saved layout file is re-opened. That indicates that the component(s) in the eCatalog might be missing and not properly downloaded.


Refresh is the first thing to try. It can sometimes solve the problem without a complete eCatalog download.

Click on the Plus icon at the top of the eCatalog.

Select Refresh to refresh the complete eCatalog and wait for the components to be downloaded.

It also possible to refresh separate folders. Right click on the folder name and select Refresh.


If Refresh does not solve the problem, Clean is the next thing to try:

1. Close FlexLink Design Tool

2. Open the Windows Start menu

3. Select the FlexLink Design Tool folder

4. Select the FlexLink Design Tool Utility

5. Click Clean button

6. Click Yes button

7. Click Close button

8. Make sure you are online and connected to Internet

9. Restart FlexLink Design Tool


The application will now start to download the eCatalog components. It may take some time depending on Internet connection speed. Do not interrupt the download process.