Applies to FlexLink Design Tool.

The distance between two Plug-and-play connected conveyors is controlled by the distance between the segment points. Segment points are frames (defined component points in the 3D-world) that correspond to the FlexLink: L-segments dimensions described in the FlexLink catalog.

Note: The segment points are only visible when the Measure feature (3D-world) or the Dimension feature (Drawing mode) is selected.

The segment length includes a margin for chain rotation and wear. This margin is dependent of the used platform.

When two conveyors are connected the segment points for the idler and drive are aligned in X/Y/Z-direction.

If a virtual bridge is added the Length parameter in the virtual bridge properties panel controls the distance between the segment point. The total distance between the conveyors will be drive margin + virtual bridge length + idler margin.

Offset and angle for the connection can also be adjusted in the properties panel.