To convert FlexLink Design Tool layouts to CAD format the CAD Generator (Layout menu / Send to group / CAD Generator button) can be used. Sometimes the conversion fails because of different reasons. The e-mail message below (or similar) is returned:

At the same time an error report is sent automatically to Software Support and we are continuously working to improve the conversion process. 

Note! We are not investigating and follow up all individual errors.

Things to try before creating a support ticket

  • Make sure all components in the layout are updated by checking the Message window at the bottom of the FLDT screen. If there are any pending component updates, double click on the message and accept perform the update.
  • If the layout is very large there’s a risk for timeout in the CAD Generator. Try to split the layout or use the Part selection feature in the panel to export the conveyors separately.
  • Check if the there are any information/error messages in the CAD Generator panel before pressing the Request button.

Create a support ticket

If the suggestions above does not solve the problem, contact Software Support by creating a ticket in the support portal at

Important! Attach the FLDT file (.vcmx) that is causing the problem. Otherwise it's not possible to troubleshoot.