Applies to FlexLink Design Tool.

The degrees of rotation in Design Tool uses an ABC format which is referring to the ZYX coordinate axes in that order. That is ABC stands for Yaw, Pitch and Roll. This was changed in Design Tool version 2.0, due to function as other CAD tools.

What is the difference between World, Parent and object?

There are three available coordinate systems in the 3D world:

  • World is a global coordinate system with a fixed origin.
  • Parent references the object coordinate system of a selected component's parent. If a component is not attached to a node in another component, the parent of a selected component is the 3D world. In that case, both the World and Parent coordinate systems would have the same origin. 
  • Object references a selected component's coordinate system. That is, the location of a component is relative to its own origin. Most of the time this should not be used as it may have unforeseen consequences.

If two or more components are selected in the 3D world, the last component added to the selection is referenced as the selection's location in the active coordinate system.