Applies to FlexLink Design Tool.

The visual impression of a simulation can be improved by using custom products in the Feeder component. In addition to the basic shapes collection it's possible to import and use own CAD models. Bottle is the default shape, with a set of parameters. To use custom shape it has to be imported in the 3D-world and the connected to the Feeder.

Import CAD model

Drag-and-drop a STEP file from any Windows folder (or Desktop) to the 3D world.

Note: The CAD model does not show up in the 3D-world immediately.

The Import Model panel is displayed.

Make adjustments, if necessary.

Click Import button.

Connect product

Select the Feeder component in the 3D-world.

Select the Product tab.

Click PickPart button.

Click the imported CAD-model in the 3D-world.

The custom product is not displayed above the feeder in the same way as the basic shapes. To reset the shape to use the basic shapes collection, click ClearPart button.

Note: The imported CAD model has to be in the 3D world after PickPart button has been clicked. If the CAD model is deleted it disappears from the feeder.