Applies to FlexLink Design Tool.

By using the drawing function in the Design Tool it's possible to include the part lists balloon number information when ordering parts from Online Store. This means that the part label on each individual cut profile will be marked with the same project and balloon number as in the created drawing. This to make the unpacking and assembly much easier.

How to get project and balloon numbers on part label

This function require that you have done following steps:

  1. Created a drawing template
  2. Enter a project number in the drawing head
  3. Added component part list
  4. Added balloon annotation for each profile
  5. Send the order using Layout tab -> Send to -> Send to Online Store button.


  • If the order is sent to Online Store before a drawing is created the information will not be included and printed on the part labels.
  • If the part list number order is changed, e.g. design modification or drawing update, after the order is sent in the part label information will not correspond with your drawing

To avoid that the order is sent in before part label information has been added a blue exclamation mark is show on applicable part numbers in the part list with following information:

Part has machining but has no part label. Add a part label to make it easier to assemble the part together.

If blue exclamation mark(s) is shown follow step 1-4 above to add part label information.