Applies to FlexLink Design Tool.

The WLX end drive unit J is a combined end drive unit and idler end unit. A fixed connection makes it possible to quickly design and build a conveyor line without vertical or horizontal alignment. The J-drive is based upon the compact versions of the WLX drive/idler units. E.g. WLEBX A374 S + WLEJX 300A374 S.

Add J-drive to layout

The WLX end drive unit J is available in the eCatalog folder Stainless steel conveyors / WLX / Parts. As all other components it can be added to the 3D world with drag-and-drop or by double clicking in the eCatalog.

Configure component

The configuration of a J-drive is similar to the configuration of all other drive units. Some of the configurable parameters can be set in the Component Properties panel. However, a full configuration is mandatory before a correct Bill of Material can be created.

Select Home menu -> Component group -> Configure button to configure the J-drive.

Build conveyor layout

All components in the WLX assortment can be used together with the J-drive. The parts will snap automatically in Plug and Play mode. It is also possible to use the Build Handles in both ends of the J-drive.

Toggle the build direction by using Home menu -> Component group -> Toggle build direction button

The platform width for the complete conveyor is controlled from Conveyor menu -> Platform group -> Width drop down

Bill of Material

The J-drive is listed/visible on both conveyors in the internal Bill of Material. However, it is greyed out on one of them and the item number is only listed once if the BoM is exported.

Export to Online Store, FlexLink Quotation Tool and FlexCAD for Inventor

When the Bill of Material is exported the J-drive is listed as WLEBX A374 J (for platform width 374 mm). If no motor is selected in the configuration the 0-unit WLEBX0A374NLPJ / WLEBX0A374NRPJ is listed instead.

Export to FlexLink Calculation Tool

When the Bill of Material is exported to FLCT the J-drive is split into two separate conveyor parts. One end drive unit and one idler end unit (both compact units). E.g. WLEBX0A374NLP S / WLEBX0A374NRP and WLEJX 300A374 S (for platform width 374 mm). The conveyor line is exported as two separate conveyors. Inside FLCT two separate tabs are created and the calculation is considered as two separate chain pull calculations.