Applies to FlexLink Design Tool.

The CC distance for the multi support brackets can be set in two different ways; Automatic or manual. Both the multi support with single support leg and the one with two support legs work in the same way.

First start with connecting the support to one of the conveyor beams and select the number of conveyor lanes needed. For each conveyor lane a property for the CC distance will be presented.


In this example the support is adjusted to three conveyor lanes. The work order is the same for both two and three bracket support.

  1. Click on AutoAdjust_1 
  2. Click on the second conveyor beam
  3. Click on AutoAdjust_2 
  4. Click on the third conveyor beam

Please note that the Autoadjust function only work for conveyor beams.


To manually adjust the CC distance change the values of the properties CCdistance1, CCdistance2 etc.