Applies to FlexLink Design Tool.

The pallet size in a pallet system is set on conveyor level. All components in a pallet system get the same pallet size information and are automatically configured, including simulation components. However, it's also possible to create a layout with mixed pallet sizes. 

Set pallet size

Click on a component in the pallet system.

Select pallet length in Conveyor tab -> Pallet group -> Size drop-down menu. Pallet width is automatically detected and set based upon the platform of the selected component.

All components in the system are updated to the selected size. 

Note: In case of a large system with multiple functions this step might take some time.


A pallet component is available in the eCatalog Accessories folder for the pallet platforms and can be added to the layout. Added pallets will also be included in the BOM so it's important to add the correct amount.

To get the correct configuration (pallet size and item number) of the pallet, make sure it's snapped to the conveyor.