Applies to FlexLink Design Tool.

With the Design Tool it is possible to add a factory layout to a layout. A factory layout could be either a drawing created in a CAD tool or an image representing the factory. This blueprint will be shown in the 3D PDF's or in drawings and can be used for placing components relative the factory parts. Currently the Design Tool supports both AutoCAD drawings (*.DWG, *.DXF) and most common image formats.

Several blueprints can be added to a layout to build a complete factory layout.

To add a blueprint to the layout

  1. Click on the Layout / Blueprint / Add in the ribbon
  2. Select the file (either a drawing or an image)

To hide or show blueprint

  1. Show the View menu
  2. Toggle if blueprints should be shown with Show blueprint

Blueprint scaling

Drawings that are to be used as blueprints must be scaled to 1:1 before added to the layout otherwise it will not have the correct measurements.

A blueprint that was added from an image can be scaled using the Scale property in the properties of the blueprint.