Applies to FlexLink Design Tool.

From version 1.6.5 of the Design Tool the user will be informed if there are components that can be updated in a layout. A component update can either be minor or major. The severity of the update will be shown when the user has loaded a saved layout.

Minor changes

Minor changes may be simulation updates, geometries that do not impact major parts of the layout.

Major changes

This may or may not impact the bill of material, and therefore it is important to update the components as soon as possible.

How to update a component

  1. Click on the message that is displayed in the messages panel
  2. The window that is opened displays the components that can be updated
    1. Click on one or several names to select it in the 3D world
    2. Double click on one or several names to change focus in the 3D world
  3. Select one or several components that you would like to update
  4. Click Close button to close the window
  5. Press Delete key to delete the selected components
  6. Re-add them from the eCatalogue and then connect them
    1. Tips, use handles to together with Quick adjust to simplify the manual labor of updating components
  7. Save layout


In future versions the design tool will help in the replacing of components, so the above manual steps are not needed.