Applies to FlexCAD AutoCAD.


Copying an existing user symbol to produce a new user symbol is very easy. Click the User Symbols icon and the User symbols window opens, first choose what user symbol to be copied, then click the Copy symbol button, see picture below.

Clicking this button opens up the window for the folder structure of the user symbols (picture below), and the user must choose where the new user symbols should be stored.

When the user has chosen where the new user symbol should be, the FlexCAD Copy User symbol windows opens.

Here the original user symbol's description and file name is displayed and the user is asked to give a description and unique file name to the new user symbol. If the file name is not unique, a warning message pops up.

Now a true copy is made, just the file name differs. How to edit the fasteners is described in the end of the article Add fasteners to a User Symbol.