Applies to all Engineering Tools.

The 1st line support for all Engineering Tools related support is primarily handled by local super users and administrators in the global operating unit organization. It's recommended to use these resources, when possible, as the support is provided in local language and during local office hours.

2nd line support is provided by Software Support, located at the FlexLink office in Gothenburg, Sweden. This point of contact belongs to R&D and the Software Development department. Besides, the support team is a part of the Engineering Tools development team. Support is provided in Swedish and English during Swedish office hours.

What is supported?

Software support handles all kinds of incidents and user questions related to FlexLink Engineering Tools. Bug reports, general feedback, feature requests and other information that can help the Engineering Tools development team to improve the software is also highly appreciated.

What is not supported?

Support related to system application and design of FlexLink or 3rd party products is not provided by Software Support. Internal users have access to FlexHelp for questions related to the FlexLink product assortment. External users are primarily referred to the local FlexLink operating unit or

Software Support is not responsible for the IT infrastructure and does not provide any support related to e.g. computer hardware, network and business software. This concerns both internal and external users. Internal users have access to FlexLink IT support.

Examples of applications not support by Software Support:

SAP accounts/passwords
CRM system
CAD licenses
Trueview or other CAD viewers
SAP order handling/cancelling

Engineering Tools

The following applications, systems and services are included in Engineering Tools:

FlexLink Design Tool (FLDT)
FlexLink Calculation Tool (FLCT)
FlexLink Quotation Tool (FLQT)
Configuration Tool (FCT)
Online Store
CAD model library (Cadenas part community)
FlexLink Knowledge Base
Supplier General Data (SGD)
Robot Config

Some of the tools above rely on information from the ERP and PLM system. However, the Engineering Tools team and Software Support is not responsible for these systems.

Contact information

Software Support is available at the portal. The service can be used both by internal FlexLink users and external customer users. However, external users are primarily referred to the local FlexLink operating unit. 

If you cannot find the information you need by searching for it in the portal, or writing to our Bot Perry, please create a ticket. For more info on how to create a support ticket in the portal, look at this tutorial.

Creating tickets in the portal is the only official communication channel and point of contact for Software Support. Occasionally, Phone or Skype for Business can be used by individual Software Support team members to solve complicated cases.

The support service is handled by a dedicated support coordinator. Depending on case characteristic other members of the Engineering Tools development team are involved.

Note: There is no guarantee for any kind of support if the user contacts team members directly.

Service-level agreement

Service hours: 08:00 - 17:00 CET Monday-Friday. Public holidays and vacations closed.

There's no official service-level agreement but the objective is that all incoming cases are reviewed and started within 24 hours. In case of CET off hours or holidays, within 24 hours of next business day.

The solution time is strongly dependent on complexity, priority and available expert resources. User feedback and response time in the communication with Software Support also affect the effectiveness.

How to get quick support

For the case to be solved as quickly as possible, it's recommended to follow a few basic and crucial rules when creating a ticket:

Try to write a detailed description to avoid unnecessary and extensive e-mail conversations

Attach screenshots to clarify and make sure the resolution is high enough

For FLDT related, attach the involved FLDT layout file (.vcmx) and other relevant files

For FLCT related, attach the involved FLCT file (.flct)

For FLQT related, attach the involved FLQT file (.flqt)
For Online Store related, include customer number, cart name, item number, order row etc.
For import/export issues, attach both source and destination files
For MyFlexLInk related, include username

Knowledge base


A knowledge base with articles, FAQ and how-to-videos related to Engineering Tools is available for all users. The objective is to provide support outside local office hours and to offer self-study possibilities. There's also a restricted area for internal FlexLink users with information and guide-lines to support the local super users and administrators.