Applies to FlexLink Chain Calculation Tool.


There are three types of X-bend components that you can use in FlexLink Calculation Tool: Return chain, Top chain and Side transfer. There is only one type of S-bend, Return chain.

There is only one type of S-bend, Return chain.

Return chain and Side transfer

Working with types Return chain and Side transfer are straightforward; They are behaving much like the bend and beam components. Only one side of the x-bend/s-bend is part of the calculated conveyor, the second side is merely an appendage and can not be connected to other components.


Top chain

The Top chain type of X-bend, also known as L/R type, is an X-bend component where both sides are included in the calculation. This means that the components coming from one side of the X-bend will eventually attach to the other side of the X-bend to form a closed loop.

When a Top chain component is drag-and-dropped into the component list, two X-bend components are added; They are numbered '1' and '2' in the upper right corner.

  • Components that are dropped above X-bend '1' in the list will be counted as being before the X-bend loop.
  • Components that are dropped between X-bend '1' and X-bend '2' will be counted as components that forms the loop of the X-bend.
  • Component that are dropped after X-bend '2' will be counted as components after the X-bend loop.

Note that top chain X-bends cannot be reordered once created, you need to drag-and-drop the other components to achieve the desired layout. Also, when a top chain X-bend component is deleted from the component list, both top chain X-bend components are automatically deleted.