Installation on Siemens / Allen Bradley panels

* this guide is based on Robot-Config project documentation

1) Install pre-requisite: Chrome

Download and install Chrome browser. Also install the following Chrome extensions:

Virtual Keyboard (used as on screen keyboard for touch panel)

Exit-Kiosk (used to close robot-config when in full screen)


2) Install pre-requisite: SMBIOS

Download SMBIOS installation script

Open a Windows PowerShell with "Run as Administrator".

First navigate to correct folder and make sure the PowerShell scripts are not blocked from execution.

dir *.ps1 | Unblock-File

Then run install script for SMBIOS:


The script should complete without errors.


3) Install pre-requisite: Docker

Download and install Docker Desktop 2019-02-15 from:

Open a Windows PowerShell with "Run as Administrator".

Run attached script to configure disk sharing for Docker:


Find the Docker icon in Windows task bar.

In Docker menu go to Settings -> Advanced, set Memory to 1280 MB, set Disk image max size to 16 GB and press Apply. Wait for Docker to restart.

In Docker Settings -> Shared Drives, select to share C: drive, press Apply and fill in credentials for DOCKER user:

  • Username: .\DOCKER
  • Password: Virtualize01