2017-11-09 Page 1 of 1 RFQ database search Tips and tricks A. To get local Transfer prices you need to be either sitting in a FlexLink office or be logged in via VPN. You will then get a personal greeting as a sign that you’re logged in. B. The Transfer price list and currency is shown under the search box and in the result list. See also further explanation below. C. Fill in the search box and press enter or the search button. It is good to have a knowledge of the FlexLink designation system because we use that as much as we can. Do not use special search characters like * or similar. Just write letters or numbers. Search terms can be: a. Item number, either complete or part of it. b. Designation, complete or part of it. c. Description, complete or part of it. The result list has the following columns: Item number (D), Description (E), Transfer price (B2), Lead time IDC (F), Min order quantity (G) and Valid to (H). D. Item number is the designation that you order the item under. It can be an X-designation, like standard products, a number (for parts) or a Z-item (for specials) like the example. When it says Z-xxx or similar it means we haven’t yet made this special. It is possible to sell, otherwise we wouldn’t have it in the database. E. In the Description field we describe the item. We use the standard designation system as a base. In the example Z-5982725 is a steel top chain (TF) with conductive (E) plastic. B2. The Transfer price is given in your local currency. There will be three different kind of price information. a. You will see a valid price for the current year. There will be a link to the TS mail if you want to order. b. You will see a Budget price for the previous year. Contact TS if you need an updated price. c. You will not see any price for older items. We have included this so that you’re able to find some items we can make. Contact TS for a quotation. F. The lead time is from the time of order to delivery from our IDC warehouse. The transport time after that can be so different from case to case that we can’t say anything about that. G. Min order quantity is mostly 1 piece but in some cases there is a different minimum quantity. You will then see that in this column. H. You will see the last date the price for that item is valid in this column. This database does not contain everything we can make. Send us an RFQ if you don’t find what you’re after. We will then check if we can make it. flexhelp@flexlink.com A B1 B2 C D E F G H