Applies to FlexLink Quotation Tool.

FlexLink Quotation Tool contains a Word template for a Component quote that can be used as the base for a operating unit's component quotes. With this template it is possible to create component quotes for customers that have not yet been added to the Customer Relationship Management system. The process to create a component quote should be similar to how a normal quote is done except that all data such as Controls, Mechanical content, Hours needs to be filled in. If you are unsure how to use the tool, please ask your Quotation Tool super user within your Operating Unit.

This guide describes shortly how a component quote could be made without an existing customer in the CRM system. 

  1. Enter all needed information into the Customer information tab, where you can fill in the Customer name and addresses manually
  2. Enter all needed information in the Quotation tab
  3. Add all components into one element in the Elements tab
  4. Verify all Prices in Summary tab
  5. Print the quotation using the Component quote document that is supplied with the installation or your Operating unit, by File->Print->Print quotation


From version 2.1.47 it is possible to print out a component quote that is similar to the component quote that is available in FlexLink Online Store. By adding print field FLITEMSDISCOUNTLARGE to the Component quote template, you should get a document that resembles the component quotation in Online Store. Adding the print field to the Word template is detailed in the user manual.

The new print field will yield a table in the document that looks like this: