Applies to FlexLink Quotation Tool.

To update prices (cost and sales) of an old quotation to the currently valid prices is a process that is either quite simple or quite tricky, depending on where the original prices comes from. The Quotation Tool can warn users if the prices have expired, but only if the administrator has set up the system correctly.

FlexLink material is as simple as clicking a button (as all the prices are managed centrally), non FlexLink material can be tedious if the prices cannot be found in the local database.

So; if the administrator has set up all the prices for all material, hours and expenses in your local database, it could also be a single click away.

But first things first. 

  1. If you are still using Movex as a source for price data, first do a web update. Obviously Price Lists is crucial, but it never hurts to update the rest as well.
  2. Open the quotation that needs to be updated.
  3. Open the Price Update dialog (found in the quotation menu at the top).
  4. Make sure that all the options are selected.

If the quotation being updated hasn't got the same currency as your cost, make sure that the currency exchange rate is correctly set.

Click Update to load the current prices from the database. Close the dialog when done.

Now all current prices that could be found in your local database has been set in the quotation. This of course if the administrator had set up prices on all hours, expenses and local items (non FlexLink material).

More than likely this is not the case and the quotation has several items/rows that could not be found in the local database. Hence it's imperative that you go through the whole quote and make sure that you manually update the prices on any items not found in the database.

The Cross currency operations is only used then you need to convert a quote from one currency to another. This is not a function that should be used under normal circumstances. If you need to perform this type of operation, please consult the user guide.