Applies to FlexLink Quotation Tool.

Exporting FlexLink Bill of Material from the Quotation Tool

There are two ways of exporting the bill of material from FLQT. 

Exporting all elements

  1. Via the File menu / Export FlexLink material. This creates an XML file that you can import into the Online Store. The part list contains all FlexLink items found in your quotes elements (but not disabled elements). The part list has been optimized so that you will only get the exact amount of items that you need.
     For an example, let's say you have 1m chain in one element and another meter in another element. Looking at the individual elements it might look like you'd need two boxes of chain. But as a box of chain contain 5 meters you actually only need one box. The export function will see this and the resulting file will only contain a single box.
  2. Once the file has been generated and saved you can easily import it into the Online Store using the Import function.
  3. If the original BOM was generated by the Design Tool, all configured items will be automatically re-configured once imported into the Online Store. if you've added the configured items manually, you'll need to configure them once the part list has been imported.

Exporting only one element

  1. You can also export a part list from a specific sub element by clicking the Export current button found in the sub element.
  2. This function will only export the items found in the current element/tab. Please note that the optimization that you get when exporting the whole part list will not work in this case. However, optimization will be applied for any items within the selected element.

The bill of material XML file can now be imported into the Online Store. For more information continue reading here.


This XML file format can not be used by the Design Tool or the Chain Calculation Tool.