Applies to FlexLink Quotation Tool.

The trip panel is used to group hours and expenses on a single line. This function is extremely useful when defining customer visits etc. where you want to be able to add and remove all the costs of a trip easily.


The trip function needs to be configured by the administrator before fist usage. If you are not an administrator (you cannot access the basic data menu), please consult him/her first.

As an administrator there are two things you need to do to be able to allow people to use the trip function;

Setup expense routing

Setup activities used in the trip function. Please note that the end user cannot manually set cost/price on activities used in the trips function, so you also need to make sure that the activities used has cost/price set (can be set on hour level).

Please consult the user guide (basic data section) for more information on how to set this up.


Creating a trip

The trip tab is not visible by default, so the first thing you need to so is to enable it.

Add a new sub element to your quotation (right click on the element tree and select Add new subelement).

Now click on the Tabs tab


The tabs dialog will be shown, make sure Trips is selected then press Ok.

Now click on the Trips tab to view the trips section, then click on the New Trip button to create a new trip.

If you get an error message like the one below, consult your administrator/user guide on how to correctly configure the trips function (as stated in the pre-requisites).

If your system is properly configured though, you should see the trip dialog.

Enter a name, the hour quantity and any expenses tied to the trip. Expense cost/price can be altered at the time of creation, hour cost/prices are fixed according to your database settings. If any of the activities (hour types) used in the trip function does not have cost and/or price, the administrator needs to properly configure the price in the basic data section.

Allowance also uses fixed pricing according to the basic data settings (database). If the application complains about not having cost/price for any of the allowances that you require, consult your user guide on how to set up allowance cost/price (administrators only).

When your done, click Ok.

The resulting trip will be visible as a single line in the trips tab.

In the element summary the trip no longer exists as the trip is now evaluated as separate hours and expenses.


That's it. 

To delete the trip simply click the delete icon. Edit is done by clicking the edit icon (to the left of the trip name in the trip tab).